Production steps

Developing the model

The specifications of the needed packaging such as size, type, applications are defined together with you. A white mock-up is produced and sent, for you to see the material and to test it with your product.


The artwork is placed on the form according to the information received from the customer or the agency. 3d render or printed sample may be produced on demand.


Paper or cardboard is printed with high quality sustainable inks (**) and controlled by the latest technology machines with precision.


Finishing and various applications such as: Lamination, hot foil, emboss, deboss is applied with high precision.


Up to 6 points folding and gluing, carton erecting, hand folding, or rigid box making is done by latest technology machines or by hand folding team which consists of experts.

Quality control, packing and logistics.

Quality control procedure is applied with rigor. Final checks are done by experts and all quality control forms are send to our team in the UK for approval. After the approval, your products are packed with the most volume efficient way and transported only with trustworthy and professional logistics companies. All the customs procedure is handled by our team and you will be notified prior to delivery

It will be added as soon as possible.

Who are we?

Mepack is launched in London to bring The UK the comfort and economy of dealing with a paper packaging producer directly.

With the experience and knowledge we have received from our sister company, who has been producing cardboard packaging, boxes and luxury paper bags for fast food, pastry, chocolate and ready-to wear industries, for over 35 years, Mepack was established in London focused on being one of the leading suppliers in packaging industry on national scale.

We are proud to say that our reliability in the packaging industry comes from our direct control over the timing and quality of production, without any third party is involved.

You will be dealing with a manufacturer directly, getting producer price, while still working with a British company who will handle the customs procedures and deliver the goods to your door.

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